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Smart Tangoes

    There are three things we love best about Smart/Tangoes
  • 1. SmartGames are IQ building fun
  • 2. SmartMax Magnetic Discovery Building Sets
  • 3. Tangoes games teach the mind to think

Which is another way of saying that what we love about Smart/Tangoes is everything! The folks at Smart/Tangoes know that play is very serious business and our selection of SmartGames combine fun with brain-building challenges for the best of both. These games are colorful and engaging while encouraging problem solving and logic. From Anti-Virus and Bendit and from Smartphone and Trucky 3, and plenty of options in between, you will find a SmartGame that is just right for entertaining and educating children at every age and skill level.

Kids will be magically attracted to SmartMax Magnetic Discovery building components because they harness the science of magnetic attraction to keep children busy building and learning and unleashing their unlimited creative imaginations. The chunky pieces are designed especially cute kid hands and the sonic welded, kid-safe magnets are just the right strength for keeping each piece connected while allowing them to come apart for deconstruction with a slight tug. This open-ended play system will unleash kid’s creative potential!

Tangoes are puzzle challenges that offer young children brain-building, problem-solving fun as they manipulate geometric shapes to create pictures. These puzzles help children learn to think through problems to arrive at a solution and, as they do, allow them to grow in confidence and capacity to tackle new and more difficult challenges. We have Tangoes for travel, too, so you don't have to leave the learning behind when you leave the driveway.

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